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With high quality infrastructure, user-friendly dashboards, easy to use interfaces, 24/7 top quality support and affordable pricing, FenixEmail makes a perfect solution for all kind of email marketers from small solo marketers to big worldwide agencies.

  • 24/7 Top Notch Support
  • Very Affordable Pricing
  • No Contracts
  • High Quality Email Campaign Dashboards
  • SMTP/POP3/IMAP Access
  • First ever ESP which provides unlimited sending package !

More Features

Nobody have more features than we do !


Newsletter Emails

With our dashboard, you can easily schedule an email campaign to be sent to all, or some of, your subscribers. Setup is fast, easy and straight to the point.


Bulk Email

You have just started new product or service and you want to spread a word ? Email marketing is a way to go ! Obtain a targeted email list, purchase one of our plans and let the world hear about your goodies !


API Integration

Developing new web site where you would like to integrate email sending solution on an easy and fast way with a feedback function ? Nothing easier ! Our dashboard can do that for you in no time.


Real Time Tracking and Statistics

Track in real time openings, clicks, bounces, unsubscribers, new leads and many other information using our platform !


Send Your Campaigns Anytime, Anywhere

Our email sending platform is optimized for all platforms and all resolution, you can manage your campaigns from your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, desktop PC or even smart TV !


Personalize Your Campaigns

Statistics says that personalized emails gets much higher open and clickthrough rate, we make personalization very easy. All you need to do is to import all your subscribers with all custom fields your list have and simply use the tag of custom field while making a email creative and you are ready to go !