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By purchasing one of our services, you agree on the following ToU

FenixEmail Terms Of Service/Use


Email and Communications Policy

This policy (“Policy”) applies to all email and other communications (“Email”) generated or sent through the services provided by FenixEmail ~ Fenix Media Solutions (“Services”) whether through the site located at http://www.fenixemail.com or through any other site operated by FenixEmail or a Fenix Media Solutions , distributor, or business partner (each, a “Site”). BY GENERATING OR SENDING EMAIL THROUGH THE SERVICES, YOU AGREE TO COMPLY WITH THIS POLICY. FENIXEMAIL MAY SUSPEND OR TERMINATE YOUR ACCESS TO AND USE OF THE SERVICES IF YOU DO NOT COMPLY WITH THIS POLICY.

    • Your use of the Services must comply with all applicable Laws. This includes laws applicable to you and also laws applicable to FenixEmail and the recipient each Email. Examples of applicable laws include laws relating to spam or unsolicited commercial email (UCE), privacy, security, obscenity, defamation, intellectual property, pornography, terrorism, homeland security, gambling, child protection, and other applicable laws. It is your responsibility to know and understand the laws applicable to your use of the Services and the Emails you generate and send through the Services.
    • Your use of the Services must follow all applicable guidelines established by FenixEmail.The guidelines below are examples of practices that may violate this Policy when generating or sending Emails through the Services:
      • Using non-permission based Email lists (i.e., lists in which each recipient has not explicitly granted permission to receive Emails from you by affirmatively opting-in to receive those Emails).
      • Using third party email addresses, domain names, or mail servers without proper permission.
      • Sending Emails to non-specific addresses (e.g., webmaster@domain.com or info@domain.com).
      • Sending Emails that result in an unacceptable number of spam or UCE complaints (even if the Emails themselves are not actually spam or UCE).
      • Failing to include a working “unsubscribe” link in each Email that allows the recipient to remove themselves from your mailing list.
      • Failing to comply with any request from a recipient to be removed from your mailing list within 10 days of receipt of the request.
      • Failing to include in each Email a link to the then-current Privacy Policy applicable to that Email.
      • Disguising the origin or subject matter of any Email or falsifying or manipulating the originating email address, subject line, headers, or transmission path information for any Email.
      • Failing to include in each Email your valid physical mailing address or a link to that information.
      • Including “junk mail,” “chain letters,” “pyramid schemes,” incentives (e.g., coupons, discounts, awards, or other incentives) or other material in any Email that encourages a recipient to forward the Email to another recipient.

Refund Policy

You may request refund in the following cases :

- You have not received the services you have purchased within 10 business days and you haven’t received explanation about from us regarding delay

- You are not able to use the service you purchase and our support team is not able to fix your problem, by using the service means accessing the resources provided by us.

You may not request refund under any other circumstances. You do not sign contract with us, therefore if you do not want to use our services anymore, simply do not pay for next month and your service will be terminated.

Privacy Policy

We only use your private information for order purposes, we do not store any of your payment information, all payments are processed by Paypal payment system.

We will never expose your private information to anyone outside of the company, neither we will ever sell, trade or rent your private information.

We respect your privacy !

Suspension Policy

FenixEmail reserve the right to suspend all users who :

- Receive high amount of spam reports and continue with the same behavior after 1st warning.

- Keep receiving high amount of bounced emails and does not solve the issues after 1st warning.

- Keep causing servers overload and does not change sending behavior after 1st warning.

- Do not follow can-spam act rules.

All suspensions are final and refunds are not issued for suspended services and services which avoid internal company laws or general laws.

By purchasing the service from us you choose to agree with out Policy and Terms of Usage.